The What and Why of Tooth Pain

To understand the concept of tooth pain, it is important to first understand the structure of tooth. The tooth has three major layers: The food that we consume (refined carbohydrates),is detrimental to the dental health. The food in it’s various attributes, affect the tooth health. These attributes are – i. form (carbohydrates) – refined carbohydratesContinue reading “The What and Why of Tooth Pain”

Dental Care during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a physiological state where the female body undergoes multiple changes. The body needs to reset itself to accommodate for the growth and nutritional requirements of the mother as well as the fetus. A lot of hormonal upsurge occurs to maintain the pregnant state and alter the other functionalities of the body. Due toContinue reading “Dental Care during Pregnancy”

Your guide to a perfect white smile!

People, these days, are influenced by the media for their portrayal of a perfect white smile. TV and OTT have raised the self awareness about discoloured teeth and therefore, tooth whitening has become one of the most frequently requested dental procedures. The demand for whiter and beautiful smile has made way for professional as wellContinue reading “Your guide to a perfect white smile!”

Can Botox and Dermal fillers make you smile?

A pleasing smile uplifts your spirits. Beautiful smile not just involves your teeth, it is a function of beautiful teeth, attractive lips and surrounding facial features. Folds, wrinkles and thinning of peri-oral skin, can make your smile less attractive. You may then ask, Doctor! what can enhance my smile? Well, Botox and Dermal fillers canContinue reading “Can Botox and Dermal fillers make you smile?”

The What and When of Covid 19 Vaccines

The pandemic is on it’s second peak and the entire country in a state of trepidation. Many different types of vaccines have been developed and are available, now, for public use. Many vaccines are still undergoing research and will be available shortly. With so many options available, and so much having been said about theContinue reading “The What and When of Covid 19 Vaccines”

In the words of Dr. Maria Kunstadter (DDS), “A perfect storm has been brewing up to create a hot Teledentistry market.” Now, one may ask, What is Teledentistry? Well, isn’t it quite simple. Dentistry that is practiced over a telephone. But, all that we have heard to date is TeleMedicine. How can Dentistry be practicedContinue reading

Oral Hygiene and Treatment in Covid-19

The globe is in a state of a prostration with the current COVID 19 pandemic in all its uproar. The viral breakout began in Wuhan, China in December, 2019 and since then it has spread to all the five continents in a relatively short span of time. There has been a lot of speculation asContinue reading “Oral Hygiene and Treatment in Covid-19”

The Flouride Story

Flouride is an element that is essential for the general well being of the body at large, but to be specific it contributes immensely to the dental well being. How is it important? Flouride renders the enamel of the teeth more resistant to dissolution under an acid attack, and hence, prevents tooth cavitation. How doesContinue reading “The Flouride Story”

What should you know about toothbrushes

I have talked so much about maintaining oral hygiene and how it’s the only sure shot way to help you keep dental infections at bay, that not talking about toothbrush seems impertinent. Although a very simple element, but its a very powerful tool that’ll help you be regular at maintaining oral hygiene in the mostContinue reading “What should you know about toothbrushes”