Dentistry 2020

In the present times, when the world is terribly hit with a pandemic, there has been much of an uproar about the dental offices being one of the major routes of the spread of the COVID19. However, this is not the ultimate truth. As much as there is a threat to general health and well being by visiting any area of public interest, you would not avoid visiting a general physician for any health related queries. Then why avoid dental care. Teeth are as important organs of your body as any other and they contribute tremendously to the state of general well being. There are people who are scared to visit the dentist but it is even more perilous if you do not because then you are compromising your health and predisposing your body to malaise.

Dental offices follow stringent sanitisation measures and every procedure is performed with utmost care for infection control. This has been the cornerstone of the dental practice ever since its inception and evolution. There are various levels of hygiene and sanitisation protocols being followed throughout the globe and thus, it is the responsibility of every individual to not give oneself any reason to ignore one’s own health as it is the especially the need of the hour for a “healthy body wealthy body”.

In keeping up with the ever so increasing need for sanitisation measures, it is imperative that the practitioner makes the patient aware of the different types of sterilisation and disinfection measures being followed in the dental operatory for their own peace of mind. As is widely known, the PPE kits and the HEPA filters are made available throughout the country in large numbers now. Also, there have been prevalent usage of negative pressure zones and pop up tents to render the treatment in secure and risk free manner. The filtering face piece-3 are units that help filter 99.5% of the particulate content. in addition, the polycarbonate face shields and the respirators are some of the other very common equipments that are being used throughout extensively.

To sum it up, this post is to help the dental patients realise that treating their teeth is as important today as it was in the pre COVID era. They do not need to ignore their dental health due to the fear of contracting the infection. Dental offices are not sources of the infection and there are no reports yet, of any Covid positive cases spreading through a dental establishment.

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